Protect Your Investment!

We strongly encourage our customers to protect their investment on day one!

Protective XtraRide Service Contract

Peace of Mind Protection for Mechanical Breakdowns

If you want an extended service contract that will be there when you need them, in the U.S. and Canada, XtraRide is the #1 choice! Protective XtraRide Service Contracts offer protection for new and used RV’s. Exclusively endorsed by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA).

Tire & Wheel – Road Hazard Protection

Enjoy the secure feeling of knowing you are protected while on the road! Tire & Wheel Protection not only covers the repair or replacement coverage for the tire on your RV but for your tow vehicle as well. With the Emergency Roadside Assistance you will be on your way again in no time!

Duratain Surface Protection

Duratain not only protects the outside of your RV, but also the inside, awning, and undercarriage! The best part about this product is that you won’t need to ever wax your RV and the undercarriage will be protected against rust! The Textile Coating for the interior is formulated to stop stains and increases the life of the materials by 50%. The Awning, Leather, and Vinyl is coated with a transparent polymer bond that creates a protective barrier against oil, mold, and mildew as well as protects from permanent staining and creates a cleanable surface.

Gap Insurance

In the event of an RV theft or accident that results in a total loss, most insurance companies will only reimburse the owner for the market value of the unit at the time of the loss. This amount, along with the deductible can create a significant gap between what the insurance company will pay and the balance on the loan. This protection closes that “GAP”.

Why add these coverages when I purchase my RV?


XtraRide provides additional coverage not included with a new unit manufacturer’s warranty. Things such as Technical Assistance, Towing / Road Service, travel expense and food spoilage reimbursement are just a few.


These products can be added to your financing for a small increase in your monthly payment.

Now is the most economical time – XtraRide can be added at the end of your manufacturer’s warranty but it will be significantly more expensive.


Tire / Wheel Protection and Gap Insurance can only be added at the time you purchase your RV.

Why Finance with C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV?

  • Convenience! No need to go anywhere else, you can purchase and finance your RV right at this location.
  • We offer very competitive rates.
  • Possible tax incentives with RV loans.
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Financing Staff.
  • Longer Terms/Smaller Payments.
  • Lower Down Payments, sometimes no down payment is required.
  • Maintain your Personal Financial Flexibility.

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