The Rog 12RK packs a punch in a lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailer. 

Key Features (that you won’t find on a comparable RV) 
All-Aluminum Cage Frame
100% Wood-free construction
38 gallons of fresh water & exterior shower– Most trailers this size either have no water at all or a tank so small you might as well just fill water bottles…but the RŎG 12RK features 43 gallons of fresh water!
8,000 BTU-LP Furnace- Where the competitors are using small electric heaters, The RŎG Adventure Trailers come standard with a  Furnace, perfect for off-grid camping when you don’t have access to 120V power.
Aluminum Roof Rack– 4 Crossbars
Two Awnings– One at the entrance and another over the rear kitchen.
True Queen Futon/Mattress-8″ posture foam
2 Burner Stove With Cast Iron Grates
3.3 12V Cubic Foot Refrigerator/Freezer
Aluminum Cabinets/CNC Laser Cut
12V Power Ports-
for the easy addition of accessories like 12V lighting

Encore designs, engineers and builds every RŎG trailer to last a lifetime…you can purchase with confidence, and you can camp with confidence when you’re a member of the Encore family!