Owners of C.H. Waltz Sons, Inc., a well-known tractor and outdoor power equipment dealership with four locations in Northcentral and Northeastern Pennsylvania have purchased Bonner Sports and RV, a recreational vehicle (RV) dealership in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. The new venture will be called C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV and will remain at its current location.

C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV is now owned and operated by Deanna Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons President, Seth Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons Branch Manager and Sales Representative, Justin Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons Service Technician and Graham Schwanbeck, C.H. Waltz Sons General Manager. “This is an exciting opportunity to enter into the outdoor recreational industry,” says Deanna.

Deanna has been employed at C.H. Waltz Sons for almost 30 years. She began in the parts department and advanced throughout the years. Alongside her father, one of the original owners, she helped guide the company through several expansion projects that have created the company that it is today.

Seth and Justin have both been employed with C.H. Waltz Sons for well over 20 years. Both began in the service department performing set-ups and routine maintenance. Seth moved to sales where he has been the top sales representative for the past decade. Justin continues in the service department as head ATV and utility vehicle technician. Justin wears many other hats including facilities management and occasionally sales and parts sales representative.

Graham has been with the company for more than 12 years. He brought with him previous experience in retail and management. He started his career at C.H. Waltz Sons in the parts department and now operates as General Manager and Sales Representative, particularly ATV and utility vehicle sales.

Seth and Graham have demonstrated passion for and expertise in the outdoor equipment market and will be heading up the daily operations at C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV while remaining in their current roles at C.H. Waltz Sons. Their combined years and expertise will bring new growth and opportunities to C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV.

C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV came about from several acquisitions over time with roots going back to 1970. It was in 2006 that Bob Reeder purchased his first store and then eventually in 2008 he bought an RV dealership in the Pine Creek Valley and moved all operations to that singular location, becoming known as Bonner Sports and RV. Bob Reeder, former owner of Bonner Sports and RV says, “The next chapter will be even more exciting. As we have said many times over the years here at Bonner Sports and RV, ‘Adventure Awaits!’”

Change can be hard. One aspect that won’t change is the employees who worked for Bonner Sports and RV. “We are excited to announce that we will retain all the current employees”, says Graham. “Customers will be able to visit the same location, see the same great faces and receive the same great service.” Additionally, Bob will remain with the company for a short time before he takes his well-deserved retirement. “Working alongside Bob will help us navigate the transition period. His knowledge of the industry will be vital to our success. And even when he finally takes his retirement, we know his employees are exceptionally capable”, said Seth.

A new line of RVs will be introduced to C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV in early 2024 and plans for a grand opening are slated for spring as well. Details will soon follow.

C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV is in the Pine Creek Valley at 5335 North Route 44, Jersey Shore, PA, specializing in recreational vehicles (RVs), kayaks, high-end bicycles, utility vehicles, and preowned golf carts as well as a full service and parts department. You can find C.H. Waltz Outdoor online at chwaltzoutdoor.com, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Pictured Left to Right: Seth Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons Branch Manager & Sales Representative; Dave Williams, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty; Bob Reeder, Former Owner of C.H. Waltz Outdoor & RV; Deanna Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons President; Justin Boehret, C.H. Waltz Sons Service Technician; and Graham Schwanbeck, C.H. Waltz Sons General Manager.

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